02: Background Music

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Reviews by Jarod Smullen of Ground Under Productions.

noisex - 1920.00 [flatline : 1999]
10 years and noisex is still interesting, this time with a slightly softer release [definitely not to say it's for the light hearted!] with some of his best sounds and material to date. this industrial album is a must for anyone striving for that something a little bit different.

vnv nation - standing [dependent : 2000]
taken from the empires album, here are a couple of great remixes of standing, danceable and darker. the b-side "radiusē" is a nice musical number, but the real highlight of this single is the 8 minute "crunchier" version of standing, great for the dance floors!

controlled fusion - patient zero [bloodline : 2000]
one of the more invigorating albums i've heard in a while. lots of classic industrial - ebm elements with controlled fusion's own consistent flavour. guest vocals done by dennis ostermann [in strict confidence] and fabricio viscardi [aghast view & biopsy] puts some new life into a great sound.

covenant - der leiermann [dependent : 2000]
wow! a truly monotone and morbid expression; this single is the un-translated german version of "like tears in rain" from the best selling album "united states of mind" and the feel properly captures the true emotion of what the lyrics was originally written about. surprisingly with it's hard & irregular industrial dance beat, this song makes great dance floor fodder as well!

wave workers foundation - in the whirlpool [pendragon : 1999]
beautifully arranged sounds to form intricate patterns. founded by paolo favati [of the legendary italian industrialist pankow], a wide variety of natural and synthetic sounds, this italian band deserves more credit than their name gives them.


Reviews by David Witteveen.

Cut My Hair - Jamie S. Rich [Crazyfish : 2000]
A debut novel about growing up punk in California in 1990. Tender, sad, and more cool bands name-dropped per page than a music magazine. Plus there are some beautiful illustrations by comics artist like Andi Watson and Chynna Clugston-Major. See www.crazyfish.net/books.html for more details.

backcover artist: Jason Badower

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