01: Hope And Chord Progressions

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Reviews by David Foreman.

Laibach : let it be (1998 - mute records)
An album of bombastic Teutonic Beatles covers… even the artwork menacingly mimics the original. Full of humour and pomposity. Great for a drunken singalong.

L.S.G : into deep (1999 - Superstition)
Oliver Lieb is one of the few pure spirits put there. Lovely uplifting electronic music full of mood and quiet beauty. Goes great with a sunset.

Deine Lakaien : Forest enter exit (1993 - gymnastic classx)
A blend of electronics with traditional instruments and powerful male vocals. Full of atmosphere and longing. Great for watching a clear night sky with a friend.

Covenant : United States of Mind (1999 - dependent)
Not quite the perfect album… but hard to pass when you're in the mood. A nice dense electronic mix of the upbeat and lyrically introspective. Great for a dance with friends.



Reviews by David Witteveen.

needle in the groove : jeff noon (1999 - Anchor)
Infected wih the rhythms of dance remixes, written like the lyrics to an album, this is a strange, beautiful novel about music, bands, and escaping from the past.

Clan Apis : Jay Hosler (1999 - Active Synapse)
An educational comic about the life of bees. Boring? Not at all. It’s humourous, bittersweet and full of fun characters. It is aimed at younger readers, but it’s still well worth checking out.

Back Cover Artist: Sarah Graves

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